Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mourning Dove

Spotted 5/22/12 hanging out on my car.


  1. Hello Beth! I think I can finally post on blogspot without a ton of issues :-) I love this birding site! John's been taking pics of birds at our little hollow for the past 5 years and we've counted around 30 different species. If we were home more often, I bet we'd see even more! LOL! If we want to send you any new pics of birds he gets, where do I send them again?

    Love you and love following your blogs!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog so far... I wish I could get better pictures - my telephoto lens leaves a lot to be desired... it could definitely stand to be upgraded. Anyway, we're having a lot of fun with it. You all should definitely join in! With all the traveling you all do (along with Mr. Owen's mad photography skillz!), I'm sure you could probably win. :o) If you want to link up, just e-mail me your link or leave it in a comment or send it via facebook - I'll find it wherever it is. :o) I hope you do! It's so fun to see what everyone is spotting.... Love you too! Thanks for stopping by!


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