Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nests, Snakes, and Jokes

Josh spotted this nest up in the rafters of the porch of Shirley's Restaurant near Watauga Lake after we at there the other night. We didn't get to see the Mama bird, so I don't know what these are... They certainly were ready to eat though...and they were in the right place... 

I guess they'd read some of the comments in Shirley's guest book:

My favorite comments:

"Yor Food wus so good, Imma gonna think about it all the time cuz my wife dont cook good."

"Youins got some Good Eatins."

Ahhh... Tennessee. :o)

In other news, who would have thought I'd spot a Flamingo, Canada Geese, and a Great Horned Owl on the same street?


All joking aside, I'm really enjoying birding these days. Of course, birds aren't the only wildlife we see on our excursions....

Yesterday at the lake, we saw four different snakes within about 10 minutes of heading up the Watauga River that feeds into the lake. Eek!

This snake was trying to attack our boat. It came straight out towards us like it was going to eat us up. Crazy!

This snake was minding his own business, sunning himself on a rock.

This snake ran away from us and crawled up onto the log (see the dark line along the top of the log near the right side?).

I'm not sure where this guy was off to....

Needless to say, we didn't get out and swim anywhere near here!

And a few other less threatening finds:

That's all for today! Have a nice weekend!


  1. So I am just getting around to checking out your birding blog... This nest picture is incredible!!!!! Makes me feel a sense of awe toward our Creator! Love the comments in the guest book from Shirley's, too... Hahaha!!! I remember eating there once eons ago. *sigh* =)

    1. Thanks for visiting, Kaysi, and for the nice comment... I'm glad you liked the nest picture. God is indeed amazing... I've certainly developed a deeper appreciation for His creativity since I started birding. And yes, I got a kick out of those comments at Shirley's too... classic. :o) Thanks for stopping by!


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