Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Does the Vietnam War Have to Do with Birding?

Well, not that much, actually. However, I did employ one rather unpleasant booby trap used during that war to keep the rascally raccoons out of my bird feeder: punji sticks.

Remember this beautiful bird lure that I set up about a month ago? See the gorgeous flowers in the base?

Well, after a month of being trampled by rogue squirrels and raccoon night-invaders who were trying to get to the bird seed, they weren't looking so hot. In fact, "dead" would be how I would describe them. So annoying. I also realized my pot didn't come with any drainage holes (WHY?), so that wasn't helping matters either.

I decided to remedy the situation. I cleaned out the remains of the dead flowers, punched drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, and transplanted some miniature rose bushes Josh had given me on Valentine's Day into my container. I was hoping the thorns would discourage the unwanted visitors. However, I decided a little added discouragement was in order.... Hence, my idea of miniature punji sticks (I used bamboo skewers with the pointy ends up):

So far, so good... I'm hoping that the roses will fill in and cover the punji sticks, and that the raccoons don't figure out how to use pogo sticks.

How do you keep unwelcomed pests out of your bird feeders?

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