Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great Egret

In addition to the Great Blue Herons that came begging for fish, we were also honored by a visit from a Great Egret.

We were sad to see that it had gotten tangled up in a stray fishing line. (Please don't litter - millions of animals are killed by items like this every year.)

I would liked to have helped him get rid of the fishing line, but I was a little nervous about getting near that beak...

Fortunately, he was still able to fly without any problems... look at those wings!

...and nothing was dampening his appetite. He joined in on the begging for fish from the guys...

And nothing kept him from begging for fish from the guys....

He was also well fed....

This fish was so big that it took him a while to figure out how to get it down... He wound up stabbing it a bunch of times - perhaps to break up the bones? - then swallowing it whole!

Spotted 6/15/12 on Hilton Head, SC.

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